ORANGEAD philosophy is to be open and clear about how we collect and use your data. This cookie policy applies to everyone ORANGEAD products and services with a link to this or refer to it. We use cookies and similar technologies to collect and use data as part of our Services as described in our Privacy Policy (“Services”). These Services include our sites, communications, mobile applications, Offsite Services, like our advertising services and the tags or plug-ins used by ORANGEAD and include all electronic equipment provided and developed by ORANGEAD. For the sake of transparency, this policy contains detailed information about our use of these technologies.

By continuing your visit or use of our Services, you accept the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes indicated in this Politics.

What are the deployed technologies ?


A cookie is a small file located on your device that allows you to activate ORANGEAD features. Any browser accessing our sites may receive cookies from us or from third parties, such as our customers, partners or providers Services. We and third parties may place cookies in your browser when you access sites which are not part of ORANGEAD but which are disseminated advertisements, either host our plug-ins or our tags.

We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. A persistent cookie may allow us to identify you as a user so that you can easily return to our ORANGEAD platforms or consult our Services without having to re-enter your username or password. A persistent cookie remains in your browser and will be read by ORANGEAD when you return to one of our sites or of our Services (for example, sites that use our share and share buttons application). Session cookies only last for the duration of the session (i.e., in general, a website visit or browser session). If you think a user is violating your privacy and you want to notify us, please contact security at the following email address:


A pixel is a tiny image found on web pages and emails that requires a call (providing device and visit information) to our servers to activate the pixel on these web pages and emails. We are using pixels to see how you interact with the content of an email or web content, for example, if you interact with advertisements or posts. Pixels can also allow us, as well as third parties, to place cookies on your browser.

Local storage

Local storage allows a website or application to store information locally on your devices. It can be used to improve the experience on ORANGEAD, in particular by activating functionalities, by retaining your preferences and accelerating the functionality of the site.

Other similar technologies

We also use other tracking technologies, such as identifiers and tags mobile advertising for purposes similar to those set out in this Privacy Policy Cookies. Similar technologies in this policy refer pixels, local storage and other tracking technologies.

How are these technologies used? Below is a description of the purposes of using these technologies.


We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize you when you access our Services. If you are connected to ORANGEAD, these technologies help us to show you the correct information and customize your experience online according to your preferences. For example, cookies allow ORANGEAD to identify yourself and verify your account.


We use cookies and similar technologies to speed up your interactions with our Services and to make them safer. We notably use cookies in order to activate and ensure the functioning of our xecurity functionalities , protect your account, but also help us detect activity and violations of our Terms of conditions and Policies of our Services.

Preferences, features and services

We use cookies and similar technologies to ensure proper functioning of our Services, such as to help you fill out forms more easily on our Services and provide you with functionality, information and personalized content in conjunction with our plug-ins. We also use these technologies to remember your preferences and information on your browser. The cookies allow us in particular to know the the language you use and your communication preferences. We can even use local storage to speed up site functionality.

Personalized content

We use cookies and similar technologies to personalize your experience on our Services. Among other things, we may use cookies to remember previous research and to be able to offer you additional information related to your previous search when you return to our Services.

Plug-ins on ORANGEAD and beyond

We use cookies and similar technologies to activate plug-ins from ORANGEAD websites or softwares and outside the ORANGEAD websites. Our plug-ins can appear on ORANGEAD or third party sites, such as those of our customers or partners. They use cookies and other technologies to provide statistics recognized on ORANGEAD and third party sites. If you use a plug-in, it will use cookies to identify you to get started throught your application. To learn more about plug-ins, please see our Privacy policy.

Performance, analysis and research

Cookies and similar technologies help us learn more about the performance of our Services and plug-ins in different locations. Our service providers and ourselves use these technologies to understand, improve and research products, features and services, such as when you browse our sites or when you access ORANGEAD from other sites, applications or devices. We, or our service providers, use these technologies to determine and measure the performance of our Services or products ORANGEAD or outside, as well as to know if you have interacted with our websites, our content or emails and to provide statistics related to these interactions. We also use these technologies to provide aggregated information to our customers and partners as part of our Services. If you are a member of ORANGEAD, but logged out of your account on a browser, ORANGEAD can still continue to record your interactions with our Services on this browser for 30 days in order to generate an analysis of the use of our Services. We may share this analysis in aggregate form with our customers, partners and third parties.

Which third parties use these technologies in conjunction with our Services?

Third parties such as our customers, partners and service providers may use cookies and similar technologies in conjunction with our Services.

In particular, they may use cookies, pixels and other technologies on their ORANGEAD pages, in their job offers and advertisements, on ORANGEAD and beyond, for their own marketing needs.

Third parties may similarly use cookies and similar technologies in conjunction with our Offsite Services, such as advertising services, plug-ins or the ORANGEAD tags. We can also work with parties to assist us in providing our Services and for our own marketing needs.

Vos choix.

You have several choices on how ORANGEAD uses cookies and similar technologies. Please note that if you limit the capacity of ORANGEAD to install cookies and use similar technologies you can deplete your overall user experience because it may no longer be personalized. That may also prevent you from using some of our services and among other things to save custom preferences like connection information.

Browser controls

Most browsers allow you to control cookies in their settings. These can be adapted to reflect your preferences regarding the use of Cookies. Besides, many browsers allow you to check and delete cookies, including those of ORANGEAD. To learn more about navigation commands, please consult your browser's documentation.

What is Do Not Track (DNT)?

"Do Not Track" (DNT) is a concept promoted by regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It is intended for the internet industry to develop and deploy a mechanism allowing internet users to control monitoring of their online activity on different websites through browser settings. ORANGEAD generally does not respond to "Do Not Track" signals.

Other useful resources

To find out more about the use of cookies by advertisers, please access following links:

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