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Our artificial intelligence algorithms recognize objects and motion with precision, enabling you to make better decisions.

Data sensors

Microcomputer, cameras, local storage and innovative algorithms are at the heart of our sensors. Easy to install, they adapt to all environments.

Data processing

We are a transparent company. This implies that the data generated by our sensors is processed in an anonymous and non-intrusive way.


Digital Signage | Business Intelligence | Data Sensors

Reach your exact target audience with our billboards and digital displays or monetize them with our SSP platform.


DOOH Platform | Pay-Per-View Billing | Instant Deployment

Transform your business with the new Orangead DSP platform, the first non-intrusive marketing platform with pay-per-view.



At Orangead Media, we are pioneers in the protection of sensitive data and have dubbed our best practices "Green data".

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Investing in artificial intelligence, IoT and innovation
Artificial Intelligence

The arrival of the 3G network gave birth to smartphones; With the arrival of 5G, it is the consecration of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things

Built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning maximize the accuracy and quality of our products over time.

Local company

The artificial intelligence industry is a Quebec flagship and increased investment in the industry is essential for innovation.

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In the past few weeks, Zú has integrated 20 talented startups into its Genesis and Focus coaching programs. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate once again these entrepreneurs who are redefining the future of entertainment and to warmly thank our partners for their support: the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

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Developement | Program

Find out how Orangead significantly accelerated the development of its business model through the use of Stradigi AI's Kepler platform! Orangead is a digital signage solution that integrates the purchase, distribution and analysis of out of home digital advertising with "per view" billing. By analyzing synthetic data, they built reliable prediction models to predict the traffic and visibility that ads will receive to maximize the impact of ad content in their network.

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Partnership | Artificial Intelligence

The third cohort of the Genesis program ended on a high note last Thursday, with the final presentations of the nine participating startups. These innovative companies are eager to expand their network and further develop their solution.

Congratulations to Anima-AI Technologies Inc. Bajouk Signature, Clefly, Come With Me (Nipper Media), Danse Bloom, HITstory.official, Orangead, Singular Agency & Your Own Rules.
We also want to thank all our partners who made this program a success!
◾ National Bank of Canada, presenting partner of the Genesis program;
◾ Members of the validation circle : Greater Montreal Hotel Association, Eko6, Just For Laughs / Juste pour rire et Thinkwell Studio Montréal
◾ Our Campus Partners for their precious expertise : dentsu international, EY, Norton Rose Fulbright et Stradigi AI
◾ Our partners of the Lab TELUS 5G, in collaboration with Lenovo; Annex Pro, ENCQOR 5G in Québec and Motorola Mobility (a Lenovo Company)

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Developement | Program

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