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When devices value the presence

Seetrus devices turn human movement into a cycle of information creation and value extraction. This value resides in better processes, product or profit is all up to you.

Navigate through your data and results obtained by our business intelligence Seetrus. Use our dashboard to consult best incremented data of your customers capted by your new devices.
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Our turnkey and trendy O-Board double-sided smart displays. Easily capt interaction with your customers with touch, NFC, Bluetooth and wifi features.
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Turn expenses into new incomes with our new O-Clean digital sanitizer. Use it for your own promotions or get new incomes with Orangead monetizing platform !
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Benefits ?

Decision making

So clear, doesn't cast a shadow of doubt. When trial and error isn't an option, data separate guesses from decisions..


Public health that respects privacy. Seetrus protects health and safety while also avoiding the ethical downfalls of surveillance done without consent to concerve privacy from datas.

More revenue

More money, fewer problems Whether you want to grow or spread, a more sustainable business model is nothing to scoff at.

Client experience

The present moment future proofed. In an era where a smartphone with an internet connection is enough for almost any purchase, the customer experience is key to make people show up.

ssp-spliter ssp-illustration-fr

SSP Platform

Acronym for "Sell Side Platform" or "Supply Side Platform", an SSP is a technological platform that allows to optimize the digital sale of advertising space. Our SSP platform automates the sale of advertising space between the site owner who wants to monetize his inventory of screens and the buyers who want to bid and be displayed on the network.

Choose who can be displayed
on your screens.

Choose which ad categories are accepted or rejected on your screens,
from our customizable categorization tool that is easy to use.


Forbiden Categories On | Off
Advertisement and Art
Personal finance
Food and Beverages
Style and fashion




In-house Ads VS Out-of-home

Control the percentage of outdoor advertising

Balance internal ads that educate your customers with external ads
that bring you revenue at every view.

Digital signage

Leave your mark on the information.

By combining interactive widgets with personalized content, you create a digital signage strategy that is right for you.

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