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Why use our serlf service dooh platform :


Centralized deployment

Display on multiple publishers screens in one centralized location.

Pay-per-view billing

Enjoy real-life billing and pay only for real results.

Customer data

Collect your statistics on a network of cutting-edge technologies devices.

S h o w y o u r s e l f
i n a l l t h e c o l o r s .

What are
the advantages of self service DOOH ?

The DOOH or Digital Out-Of-Home allows the broadcasting of dynamic and interactive advertisements in outdoor environments and on different types of screens and displays.

  • Display your ads everywhere, especially in high-traffic areas, giving your brand more exposure than ever before, even to people who don't know you yet. Centralize your campaigns across multiple screens/displays and enjoy a planned, one-stop deployment.

  • A dynamic advertisement displayed on a bright digital screen attracts the eye of passers-by much more than a traditional print poster. Because DOOH also allows for flexibility in design, transitions and advanced programmatic content, it holds more attention and increases conversion.

  • One of the creative uses of DOOH today is the delivery of content with possibilities for interaction with customers or those who view these interactive ads. What could be better than direct interaction or involvement with customers to attract more attention and convert even more ?

  • Contextualization is one of the strengths of DOOH ads. Optimize your content to the place, and even the weather where it will be displayed. For more engagement, carefully construct your ads based on where, when and in what context they will be displayed.

  • Publish up-to-date information to the public through DOOH. For example, we often see gauges that change in real time to track the results of a vote, poll, contest or event. There are many ways to take advantage of real-time information transfer and take advantage of it for your own interests and needs !

  • Whether you are an advertising professional or a brand looking to promote products and services, a digital advertising campaign is much more eco-friendly than a print campaign. Printed posters are renewed regularly and imposes a result involving cutting down thousands of trees..


DSP Platform

An acronym for Demand Side Platform, a DSP is a technology platform that optimizes media buying by combining data with access to inventory of multiple locations and media to serve ads to target consumers. Our DSP platform automates the buying of advertising space and acts as an intermediary between the site owner who wants to monetize his screen inventory and the advertisers who want to bid and display on the network.

Alter your content, depending on the weather.


Depending on the weather, the behavior of passers-by and ad consumers varies greatly. With Orangead, optimize your content delivery by altering your content according to its relevance during sunny days and rainy days.

Sunny Days
Rainy Days

Choose what to display during the day and at night !


Surely you must have some preferences in what you want to display during the day, as opposed to at night ? Orangead has thought of every detail and allows you to alter your content according to day and night as well. Reach even more your customers by considering the time of day to optimize your ads.

Pay-per-view billing

Bringing the precision of the of the web into the real physical world is our primary goal, which forever transforms the accuracy of the traditional advertising market. Knowing what you are buying should be a given... We have based our dooh platform on the best audience measurement of the internet: the real view.



We offer simplicity and stability. Orangead is the only solution that fully integrates the purchase, distribution and analysis of digital-out-of-home ads.

  • Pay for real results by using our cost-per-view (CPV) bidding solution. With no-minimum cost per campaign, it supports your objectives no matter the size of your budget or targeted population.

  • Reaching the right people in the right mindset is a complex endeavour. Our extensive programmatic capabilities automate this process so you can get maximum impact with minimum work.

  • Gone are the days of extrapolating views from impressions. We use built in anonymous video analysis across all Orangead spaces to make sure you always have high quality audience data to support your decisions.

Orangead Process

Innovative advertising platform

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Standard Process

Standard typical impression based

7 laborious steps...


Simplify your advertising process with Orangead.

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