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Glossy white


Stainless metal


Matt black

Digital display

Combine technology, utility and security.

Leading edge technology
Our digital signage products are supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning and have sensors that collect non-intrusive data about your customers.

Usefulness and practicality
Do away with limited-use manual dispensers! Refill less often, display your promotions or instructions and capture data from each customer.

Security and trust
Demonstrate to your customers your ability to evolve technologically and that their well-being, safety and interests really matter to you.


3L capacity

Our terminals offer a capacity of more than 3 liters for your disinfecting agents, which reduces the frequency of refills.



Learn more about your customers and visitors with our contextual sensors supported by artificial intelligence.


22" Display

O-Clean is equipped with a 22 inch HD screen to display your content or monetize your traffic using our SSP system.



O-Clean can be installed on any surface and can be quickly mounted on a stand. Perfect for entrances, exits or other high traffic areas of an establishment.

Easy to maintain

Designed with robust materials and a timeless finish, maintenance of the unit is almost non-existent, except for refilling or surface cleanup as needed.


By educating your customers about your promotions, instructions or monetizing with our outdoor advertising SSP platform, make the device quickly profitable with your traffic will be a piece of cake.

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O-Clean devices transform human movement into a cycle of information creation and extraction of value. Whether that value lies in better processes, products or profits is now up to you.


O-Clean® Solo


  • $1349

  • / unit

For locations that have a single entrance, ideal for corridor convergences and elevator access.


O-Clean® Duo


  • $2399

  • / 2 units

For all locations with two access points that require more than one machine for hand sanitizing your customers.


On demand

custom prices

  • $???

  • / + than 5 units

For larger locations where the needs are greater and that have many different access points and convergences.


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