Validate the temperature of your customers and turn an expense into income with our new digital hand sanitizer kiosk O-Clean +

O-Clean feature 4

Temperature sensor.

Our O-Clean + digital hand sanitizer has a temperature sensor to validate the temperature of each customer and prevent the precursor signs of fever.

A predefined temperature threshold make possible to judge risks associated with fever and warn when the sensor detects exceeded designated safety threshold.

O-Clean feature 4
O-Clean feature 4

Precise statistics

Learn more about your location's traffic with our precise counting statistics supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Ex: Hours

8h to 12h
13h to 16h
17h to 21h

Ex: Hours

9h to 13h
14h to 19h

Ex: Hours

9h to 12h
13h to 16h
O-Clean feature 2

3L capacity.

Our O-Clean+ terminal offers a capacity of more than 3 liters for your disinfecting agents, which reduces the frequency of refills.

O-Clean feature 3

22" HD Screen

Our O-Clean+ digital hand sanitizer is equipped with a 22-inch HD screen to display your own content or monetize your traffic using our ORANGEAD advertising system.