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Artificial intelligence

Quebec and Canada are center of excellence regarding research and developement in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), and improve the use and processing of data. Supported by a strong and diversified ecosystem, local companies that invest in artificial intelligence and integrate it into their processes benefit from a increased performance which gives them a competitive advantage and improves their growth capacity in short, medium and even more long term.


We develop and integrate our own artificial intelligence algorithms and use them from the process of capturing data to being processed by business intelligence.

Video and photo analysis

Inside our digital display devices are active video algorithms and photo algorithms for analysis. Our softwares affected by machine learning also improve over the time.

Data processing

Our dashboards focused on the most relevant increments of captured data transposes our best algorithms of artificial intelligence into business intelligence.

Local company

Investing in Orangead means investing in a Quebec company that bases its development on local values. Investing in Orangead means investing in the best artificial intelligence developers here, contributing to technological innovation in our country. All our products and services are centralized and structured to serve our local customers first. The assembly of our devices is done in Quebec, as well as its workforce related to the installation, assembly of prototypes, design and sales. Our company is composed of workers, developers, entrepreneurs and investors from here!

Internet of things (IoT)

When methods become archaic, evolution takes charge of changes.

Internet of things

The evolution of 3G network gave birth to smartphones, now with the arrival of 5G, it is the consecration of internet of things. The revolution caused by this new technology will have an impact as meaningful as the phones that have transformed daily our lives. This is what catalyzes Orangead's desire to build its own network of connected sensors and intelligent displays.

A network of IoT devices

The sensors network creates an ecosystem of devices that interact with each other, using various cloud services, machine learning and computer vision. This combination of cutting edge technology positions Orangead as a reference in local market. By using open technologies, we are able to harness work of thousands of enthusiasts around the world. Best of all, machine learning enables us to ensure that solutions that are relevant today will be even better tomorrow.


Project creation

It was in 2017 that an idea emerges from a problem that first members of the team all faced. Being in the field of digital and experiential marketing, previous experiences involving several approaches in advertising led to an inevitable conclusion: There was no tool to broadcast advertising from home, with a flexible budget and inside a specific location. The lack of technological innovation and the presence of monopolies of archaic systems inseminated the embryo of Orangead project.

Creation and constitution of The Team

Developments to consolidate the project such as the market research, business plan and company incorporation was completed. Assemble the team visualized for this project was now priority. We opened our internship program with Concordia University and selected our first junior developer, quickly supported by our CTO Édouard Boily. Our third member, Senior Architect and Data Officer, brought a important dimension of development and resulted in integration of latest member of developers team.

1st round of investments

Once the project was underway and the proof of concept delivered, it was now possible to make the project a reality and begin the financing process. With hard work from the entire team, we completed the first round of investments and started developing the first prototypes. The prototyping of smart devices that Orangeead Media will put available on the market at his launch was also prioritized in parallel of the platform and artificial intelligence algorithms developments.

Products / Services developement

From photo and video sensors, digital display and object and movements recognition algorithms, we now had the necessary technologies to fulfill Orangead products and services infrastructures needs. The research and development of prototyping factory including wired 3D printing, resin printing and UV cure system was a crucial step in improving our production capacities. New software and hardware processes optimizations were also a considerable part of the focused developping time.

Marketing and launch

After more than a year of high velocity development, we are reaching the culmination of all our efforts. The platform, the devices and the artificial intelligence algorithms are now one. Our developed product prototypes are now ready to be marketed. Our software such as views counting algorithm are now part of our intellectual property. Beyond all our innovative devices and our cutting-edge technologies hides a revolution that is just waiting to be discovered: Billing per view.

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