Prohibited practices for the use of ORANGEAD Services

The following categories of businesses and business practices are prohibited of use of the services offered by ORANGEAD ("companies prohibited") The commecial categories prohibited may be enforces through network rules or the requirements of our financial service providers. Types of businesses listed are representative, but not exhaustive. If you do not know if your business is a prohibited business or if you have any questions about how these requirements apply to your company, please contact us. By registering with us, you confirm that you will not use the Service to accept payments related to the following activities, business activities or business practices.

IP violation, regulated or illegal products and services

> Intellectual property or violation of property rights; sales, distribution or access to licensed music, movies, software or other documents counterfeit without the proper authorization of the rights holder; any product or service that directly infringes or facilitates trademark, patent, copyright infringement, sells secrets, property or privacy rights of any third party; the use of intellectual property ORANGEAD without the express consent of ORANGEAD; use of name or logo ORANGEAD trademarks or service marks in accordance with terms of use of ORANGEAD, including the use of non-ORANGEAD trademarks or service or in a way that would otherwise affect ORANGEAD or the ORANGEAD brand; any action involving an endorsement or affiliation not in accordance with ORANGEAD.

> Counterfeit or unauthorized products; unauthorized sale or resale of products or brand or designer services; the sale of imported or exported goods or services illegally.

> Adult content and pornography services and other obscene material ( including literature, imagery and other media ) ; websites or platforms offering services related to sexuality such as prostitution, escorts, pay TV or adult live chat features.

Prohibited, unfair, predatory or deceptive practives

> Get Rich Quick or Easy Money Promotion or opportunities, investment or other services that promise high rewards.

> Publication of "pay-to-remove" type of sites or platforms that facilitate posting and deleting content, where the main purpose of posting such content is to cause or raise reputation issues.

> Promotion of services without added value; sale or resale of a services without additional advantage for the buyer; the resale of government offers without autorization or added value; the websites or platforms that we determine, in our own discretion, as unfair, deceptive or predatory towards consumers.

> Malicious use of every ORANGEAD Services, for fraudulent purposes and bad intentions, including false interpretations to third parties, others users or administrators of ORANGEAD.

> It is prohibited to falsify the data recorded by our sensors so as to increase, influence or modify their interpretations when you use our Services. It is strictly prohibited to use any type of electronic device with our Products and Services, in order to falsify the results or any capture made by our sensors. If you're trying to increase or decrease any results provided by any of our sensors with the help of electronic devices such as: computers; microcomputers; mobile devices; smart phone devices; tablets; screens; projectors; or any electronic that is not provided by ORANGEAD, you will be exposed to lawsuits and every judicial proceedings applicable to the particular situation.

Products or services prohibited by our financial partners

> Aggregation; Engage in any form of licensed or unauthorized aggregation of funds due to third parties, factoring or other activities aiming at concealing the origin of the funds.

> All the necessary equipments for the manufacture or use of drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers and hookahs.

> Bankruptcy lawyers; psychic services; time sharing; drop shipping; negative response marketing; credit Cards and identity theft protection; the use of credit to pay for loan services; companies wich in our own opinion pose high financial risk, legal responsibility or violate policies related to card networks or banks.

> Pyramid plans; pyramid of multi-level marketing, network marketing and references.